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Scalp Micropigmentation Reviews

Our scalp micropigmentation reviews are all written by actual clients accompanied with their after photo.  As requested by our clients, we have cropped off their faces and only disclose their initials.  These clients are not paid endorsers, nor were they offered a complimentary procedure in exchange for their review. Please enjoy reading through our clients’ numerous stories and their path to Artistry Concepts.  You are sure to find someone’s story that will identify with your own hair loss situation.  

These reviews date back to 2009 and all these clients have received Weston’s one appointment, one session and one-time only application.  The ACHM2.5® is in fact a “one and done” procedure and these reviews prove that Weston’s method stands the test of time.

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P. K. IRELAND March 2016

I hope you’re both well. I thought perhaps people interested in the procedure you offer might appreciate seeing some photos of the results five years down the line. I’m very pleased with Mark’s work and I can personally vouch for its longevity – I had the procedure done in February 2011 and, as you can see, it hasn’t faded at all since. I continue to follow Mark’s after-care instructions to the letter; I apply a good-quality moisturizer twice a day and I am never in direct sunlight without a hat. All the best, Patrick.

October 2015 Buzz Strickland

HPIM8937_wm_wmMark’s work looks real and is undetectable. That is why I chose him todo my pigmentation work.

I had some work done by Mark two years ago on the top of my head.Liked it so much that I recently went back to have my sides done.Everything matched perfectly even after two years with pigment he blendedto match my skin and hair color.

Saw an old friend over Labor Day weekend . He did not recognize me at first glance.He said you look a lot younger….like you are in your 30s and not yourmiddle 40s. I smiled. I am in my 50’s.

J. M. October 2015

drachm25after_wm_wmI would like to start by saying that this procedure has been life changing.  I am not being overly dramatic when I say that because it has literally changed my everyday life.  Prior to the procedure I would stress over my hair or lack thereof on a daily basis (multiple times a day really) and now everyday I wake up totally satisfied with the way my hair looks.

I have read every other testimony and have researched the web site and many others before deciding to actually have this done and what a wonderful decision it has been.  I, like many others have been through so much to combat hair loss like Propecia, Rogaine, 3 hair transplants and multiple concealers.  As a 40 year old, man I have struggled with this issue for nearly 20 years.  I only wish Mark was doing the procedure back then so I could have done this sooner.  I have spent thousands of dollars on prior treatments and nothing delivered the results like this has.  I went from being totally paranoid about my head to totally confident.  I would in the past adjust my daily activities around what might or might not affect my hair or affect the concealer in it.  Now I have no reservations about anything that I’m doing.  Even amongst “friends” and co-workers the ridicule and teasing has completely stopped.  I now get so many compliments and feel like I look so much better.

As for my experience with Mark and Gale, it really couldn’t have been much better.  Gale never once tried to convince or try to sell me on the procedure.  She is all business and knows if you’re ready then this is the place to come.  Mark is a true artist and more importantly a real gentleman with a huge heart.  He really cares about making a positive impact on people’s lives and he absolutely has on mine.  He follows up and makes sure you are totally satisfied.  He is as honest as it comes and I consider him more than just the man who performs the procedure, I consider him a friend.  I really cannot say enough about Mark and this procedure.  It was the best decision I have ever made regarding my hair loss.  Thanks again and God Bless you.

J. B. October 2015

HPIM8969_wm_wmIn 2010, I began reading about hair follicle replication through a tattoo process. The pictures looked great, but naturally I was extremely skeptical. Since I was already having to wear a hat everyday due to the scarring left by surgeries, I convinced myself to go and have a look.

So after many phone calls, studying pictures, and feeling hopeless that were any solutions, I decided to put my faith in the hands of Good Look Ink that claimed they had done many procedures and were having tremendous success with guys that had a lot of scarring. The whole experience was surreal and just seemed so bizarre. At times, I couldn’t believe I was actually doing it.

After two procedures, it was obviously not working. My greatest fears were being realized. The pigments were bleeding together under the surface of the skin and the color was turning blueish with some green splotchy areas. It was a disaster.

I kept researching, reading, and making calls. There had to be someone who knew how to do this and make it look good.

Ultimately, I ended up having laser surgery on my scalp to remove all of the poor work that was done. I was desperate. I just wanted to try and camouflage the scarring and look as normal as possible. I didn’t want to keep spending money and having painful procedures.

About a year earlier, I had begun reading about Mark Weston. I read every article I could find about him. He’s a pioneer, has more experience, and through his own R&D, has his own proprietary patents. By the time I finished laser surgery, I had decided, if anyone could help me, it was Mark.

When I met Mark for the first time, I found him genuine and passionate about what he does. He and Gale immediately put me at ease about Mark’s qualifications, experience, and compassion for his clients. I knew I was in the right place.

Mark listened to my concerns and together we mapped out a plan. The procedure was relatively painless and done in a day. It was amazing and just as he described. The points looked like hair follicles and they blended my scars with healthy scalp better than I could have ever imagined. His technique created a perfect blend in my hairline and temple area that is undetectable and totally natural looking.

It has been 6 months now and I am still just as happy as I was on day one. The color is awesome and blends with my natural hair color.

If you are thinning and considering this procedure or if you were left with severe scarring from a previous surgery or an accident, it could dramatically change your life. However, I urge anyone considering such a procedure to tread cautiously. Don’t believe everything you see and read. I fell victim to flashy marketing and broken promises. Don’t make the same mistake.

There is no blurring of the lines when it comes to success or failure with a procedure like this. It will either be a total disaster or an experience that changes you forever. Do not make a decision without talking with Mark Weston.

My deepest gratitude and thanks to Mark and Gale.

J. H. October 2015

jhafter_wm_wmI had initially gone to Scalp Aesthetics …where they sell you the world and tell you what you want to hear just to take your money.  That is what happened to me and initially I thought it looked good when I left after the 2 sessions they said I needed to complete the look.  But after about 10 days…yes 10 days…the pigment was barely noticeable and by the end of the month, it had totally disappeared.  I felt so stupid that I had been taken.  When I called and emailed to discuss the issue, I received no responses.  They had gotten their money and they apparently had no desire to care about me and my appearance any further.  I am a very intelligent guy and I know I am not the only one that has been “taken” in this industry.  So to my fellow men out there…do not beat yourselves up for being lied to…that is the provider’s fault and not yours.

The best thing you can do, if you have not already, is find Mark at Artistry Concepts.  Mark and Gale are very honest people and they will not pressure you into choosing them.  They will simply give you the facts about their process and what Mark can do for you.  I urge everyone to review the Artistry Concepts website.  There is a mountain of information on the site that does a fantastic job of spelling out everything…from what to look for in a provider, to the process and pigments that Mark uses, etc.  Mark is an artist by nature and what I loved most about Mark is that he is a perfectionist when it comes to his art.  With Mark you do not have to worry about a “random” technician doing a half-ass job on your SMP and then sending you out the door.  Mark cares about helping people and he does the entire SMP process from start to finish.  There are not multiple technicians and there are no return visits to “complete” the process…it is ONE session…not two, not three.

There is always some anxiety when getting SMP done, especially if you have had a bad experience with a previous provider such as myself, but meeting Mark and Gale was a terrific experience.  They are very humble and down to earth and talking to Mark felt like reconnecting with a friend…a true friend that really cares about helping you.  I cannot thank Mark and Gale enough and I love reading about all of the other stories from the men that they have helped as well.  In my honest opinion, Mark is the “Gold Standard” of what this industry should all be about…helping others restore their confidence.  Mark does this with dignity and integrity from start to finish.

P. D. September 2015

afterachm25correctionI had my first SMP procedure done not at Artistry Concepts but at a different provider which turned out to be a total mess of blue points.  Subsequently, when I learned on the internet of Mark Weston at Artistry Concepts with years of professional experience and artistry capabilities, and also that I would be dealing with the very same person performing the procedure, I knew I had made the right choice.

When I arrived at the studio, I found both Mark and Gale to be two very down-to-earth and welcoming people who made me feel at home right away.  The sincerity of these genuine individuals towards helping other people to get their appearance right and regain their confidence back was readily noticeable and truly appreciated.

During the procedure, I felt so relaxed and to my surprise I really enjoyed the genre of music played by Mark, track after track, which set the ambience in the studio just perfect for me.  Moreover, the pain of the ACHM2.5 procedure was a walk in the park when compared to the level of excruciating pain that I had to endure during my previous procedure sessions at the other SMP provider.  Moreover, both Mark and Gale are also very sociable people for conversation.

The end result for me was overwhelming and my first reaction was a heartfelt joy and praise for Mark’s artistry because it was just amazing – it exceed my expectations and anything I had imagined.  I was even more astonished by the fact that Mark did it in his own cool natural manner to correct it in just one session.  Contrarily, my previous SMP provider had told me that it required a lot of hard work and numerous sessions to get it done when previously performed on a clean scalp canvas.

Indeed, Mark is truly gifted with a natural talent and in my opinion, the outstanding results achieved from my ACHM2.5 procedure (as well as those of the countless others) done by him are real life exhibits thereof.  This is even more so, when one considers the increasing number of people that have suffered an incorrect SMP procedure elsewhere and subsequently go to Mark for his expertise and experience, because they know that they want only the best in order to get it right at Artistry Concepts when correcting the blunders of another SMP provider.

After such an experience, I really feel privileged for the awesome results attained at Artistry Concepts by Mark and also for all the continuous supportive help from Gale from start to finish.

Many sincere thanks from my heart – Artistry Concepts is simply the best!

M. B. May 2015

post30days_wm_wm_wmI am 29 years old and have had a FUE and FUT procedure, as well as SMP with Scalp Aesthetics in 2013. I had done enough research to know that SMP was definitely the way to go, but unfortunately I fell victim to the contrived marketing and false credentials of Scalp Aesthetics. It is just one of many flourishing SMP clinics whose sole purpose is to make money off of people who don’t know any better, and who blindly trust that everything they are told is true. These clinics are NOT world leaders, first innovators, patent holders, in multiple locations, etc. They say that to get people to fork over thousands in exchange for a subpar SMP procedure that hardly lasts or needs repair. It happened to me and I’m sure too many others.

After booking my procedure with Mr. Weston, I knew that I made the right choice. Once I met him in his office I learned that I am not the only one who has come to him after having the procedure once before somewhere else. However, how can we as customers be sure that these SMP technicians are putting their 100% effort into what they’re doing? That is what truly makes the difference.

After having my procedure done at the end of April, I was floored by the results, and after each day it seems to look better and better. The job that Mr. Weston did actually exceeded my hopes and expectations. He is the true master of this field, a brilliant artist, and genuinely wants to help people. I am so thankful for the job he did, it is literally priceless.

Thank you so much Mark and Gale!!

K.S. June 2015

ksafter_wm_wmI had the micro scalp pigmentation done a few months ago. I went from having a bald shiny head, to head that looks like it has hair. The color was initially a little light, but I asked if they could darken my head. They did it without giving me a problem. I give them five stars for their work.

If you’re thinking of going to another company to get the procedure done, don’t bother. This guy is the best in the business. The other companies are douches, trying to screw people out of money and make their heads look like shit. Sorry if I hurt some feelings, but I’m just telling it like it is.  So leave the rest and go with the best.

C. H. June 2015

chimmediatelyafter_wm_wmI am totally amazed at the results I’m walking around without a hat and no more hair pieces thanks to you guys. I appreciate how much you made me feel so much at ease and how you were so understanding of my problem.  You are two of the nicest people I have ever met and words can’t express how much I appreciate all you have done for me.  Mark you are the best and have an amazing gift thanks for making  me feel so special and all you did for me can’t thank you enough may God sincerely continue to bless you both.

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