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J.C. July 2014

jcafter_wm_wmI started to lose my hair when I was 26 years old. I started using Minoxidil, but the hair continued to fall in great numbers. I spent a lot of time reading in forums about other people’s experiences and results. I tried Finasteride (gave me some sides effects and stopped it), different shampoos, other topicals such as Eucapil, Minoxidil (15% with DHT blockers), etc. Besides becoming a slave of these products (have to use it every day; some twice a day), it was a lot of money involved. I decided then to go with the hair transplant (HT). I undergone two, one in the crown area and one in the front hair line (around $7,000). The transplanted hairs do not provide the density your original hair has, and therefore, it doesn’t look good. The other backward is that if you buzz your head, the scar will show up, and in my case was huge (ear to ear).

I kept reading online and in forums and found the scalp micro-pigmentation techniques. After reviewing many feedbacks and before and after pics from different companies, I decided to contact Artistry Concepts. Something that called my attention (and that made this place unique) is that the owner was the only one doing the procedure (38 years of experience in the art of tattooing). Also, the price was lower than most of the other companies. When I contacted them, communication was fast and accurate. They also are flexible in the dates of appointments (had to change the day and with no problem or extra-charges, they did it).

Once you get to their office, Mark and Gale (owners) personally take care of you and answer any questions you have (which makes you feel more comfortable with the process). The procedure room looks very clean and organized. The procedure is done with no anesthesia (It hearts a little but I did not squeal; they charge for that; internal joke). Mark allows you to see the process at different stages, so you can see how is looking. He also camouflaged the scar and in my case it disappeared about 60%. Right after the scalp pigmentation is done, the head looked reddish and the hair replication units not fully defined. As soon as I got home, I washed my head with baby shampoo per aftercare instructions (to remove excess pigment) and put some ice and in the next morning you can clearly see the difference. It looked like when I use to buzz my head when I was younger and had actually hair. None of my friends nor family have been able to tell. I feel very pleased and satisfied with the work of Artistry Concepts did with me. I truly recommended.

G. Y. June 2014

afterbwgu_wm_wmFor all you people out there with a hair loss problem, Mark Weston is the only answer. Believe me, I’m 65 years old and have tried or considered just about everything. Then I found Mark and Gale at Artistry Concepts. I love it, my family and friends love it. Go for it, it’s worth every penny. And like everyone else that has had it done, you feel like you always knew Mark and Gale, great people, who really want to help.

S. B. April 2014

bzafter_wm_wmI was skeptical as I was not the best candidate for micro pigmentation. I had a very white head with greying hair and lots of scars. But Artistry Concepts gave me great results.

After visiting several scalp micro pigmentation offices in different states, I chose Artistry Concepts. AC is very different from other practices. Mark hand-makes his precision needles so that they are small, exact and produce a natural result. His “smart pigment” colors look 100 percent natural and LAST LONGER than the standard cosmetic pigments that are sold commercially. That’s right. Many offices use pigments that disappear over time and must be reapplied. Mark also does all the work himself. There is no franchise and no technicians. There is no comparison between Mark’s years of experience (he was one of the first to do pigmentation work back in the day). Mark was able to tell me about the different pressure and depths of penetration he uses on different parts of the scalp, etc. And the price? Exactly the same. Every office quoted me a similar price. My results from Mark looked natural in just three days. Even my mother, who has permanent make-up herself, could not tell. “That new buzz cut looks great on you,” she told me. Even my ex-lover told me that I was looking “extra fine” with my new haircut. No lie.

Why I am writing this? Because the other offices had amazing building lay-outs, great marketing and a very nurturing customer environment. They made me feel good. But do your research. No office or franchise knows more about scalp micro pigmentation (the needles, the pigments, and the application) than Mark Weston of Artistry Concepts.

R. T. March 2014

Mark Weston is the best. When someone can make such a difference in so many lives as he has done, it is simply, beyond words. He just doesn’t quit. He has heart. The fact is….he is GOOD.

ACTOR March 2014

I’d been looking for a way to camouflage my thinning hair and HT scars for years when I discovered Artistry Concepts. I’m a film and television actor, and explaining my scars had unfortunately become part of my routine every time I started a new job. Where did I get them? Can they be covered up by makeup? I became obsessed with finding a solution and researched every company that offered a scalp micro-pigmentation process. But when I finally made the call and spoke to Gale, I knew Artistry Concepts was different. They never tried to pressure me or convince me to commit to anything. They simply spoke confidently about their procedure and patiently answered all my questions. If I was nervous when I arrived at the studio, it all disappeared as soon as I met Gale and Mark. From the minute I walked in, it was clear they understood how big a deal this was to me and they put me right at ease.

 The ACHM2 procedure itself was virtually painless and I can’t explain how happy I am with the results. No one can tell it’s not my own hair or even that I’ve had anything done. Even the few people I’ve told can’t always tell what’s been done. Everyone just keeps asking me if I’ve lost weight. One day I was sitting down when a friend came over and stood right next to me, a foot or two from my head. I was self- conscious, since it had only been a week or two since I’d had the procedure done. But all he said was that my hair “looks good these days” – something I haven’t heard in ten years! Even my extremely skeptical wife was blown away when she saw it for the first time. Mark cares deeply about his work and about his clients’ satisfaction, and he’s a great guy too. I’m so pleased with my new head of hair. Mark is the best, end of story. Call them. You’ll be happy you did.

A. V. March 2014 (UPDATE)

It’s been a couple of years since I had my procedure and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t have any more worries about my lack of hair. Everybody loves my “Buzz Cut.” I’ve had people ask me that since have a full head of hair, why do I curt it so short! When in reality, I don’t have much hair, especially in the front hairline, but your ACHM2 procedure gives me that look. Just the other day, one of my buddies wanted to know who buzz cuts my hair because it comes out so clean and neatly trimmed. You should be pleased to know that you are helping a lot of people enjoy their lives and be more outgoing instead of restricted because of their baldness. Again, thanks.

G. S. March 2014

I am a 28 year old male who started to lose his hair as early as 18 but wasn’t truly noticeable until about 24. Needless to say I was devastated by the rapid hair loss. My confidence was crushed. Everything from socializing to job interviews, I just couldn’t be myself. I simply felt old, so I decides to do something about it.

 I did tons of research only to find high prices, and often painful scars, accompanied hair transplant surgeries which were not attractive and I already attempted taking pills and using topical creams with no success. Then the inevitable, my hair looked horrible and I just gave up. OFF WITH THE HAIR. Although I got a great response to the look, I honestly couldn’t stand the maintenance. Literally an hour ever two days, if that, not to mention so many razors and annoying nicks and cuts.

Still not comfortable with my hair loss I continued research to and stumbled on this “hair tattoo” idea. Skeptical, I continued researching until I found the place I felt comfortable with, Artistry Concepts. They are a great friendly couple who will work with you every step of the way to insure you are satisfied with the outcome of your procedure. I recommend to anyone considering the procedure, stop thinking about and just do it. It was by far the best money I’ve ever spent!!! I feel like myself again!!!It looks so natural that I’ve even told people and they can’t tell what has been done. I visited family and everyone asked why I look so much younger. Best part is I take my clippers with no guard, a quick ten minute buzz, and I’m in the shower and out the door. Also the fact that there is stubble, when people feel your head, they feel the stubble so they just think your head is just buzzed.

I could literally go on and on about how much the ACHM2®procedure has truly changed my life. But in conclusion, all I have left to say is if you’re looking for an alternative solution to your hair loss with great results and no down time, look no further than Artistry Concepts! Seriously you won’t regret it!!

Pleased client, G. Stage

A. D. December 2013

After a month or two of research this summer, I made the decision to get the ACHM2® procedure with Mark at Artistry Concepts and boy am I glad I did. It is a night and day difference to me but natural to the point where no one has noticed, even my mother was amazed when I told her. I used to have to shave every two days or so with no guard before my balding became glaringly noticeable, but now I can go almost two weeks as the ACHM2® and my own hair blend together. I wish I would have done this a few years ago and as a single guy I noticed right away that the positive reaction I was getting from the ladies was noticeably increased. I have received comments the last couple months since the procedure on how good I look but no one has been able to pin point what’s different. Thanks again Mark and Gale!


A. F. December 2013

It has been a couple of months since my procedure, and my own mother does not know I had anything done…..I think she just thinks I’m growing my hair out a little but she has not commented! The same thing at work….some of the ladies in the office touch my head and say “I didn’t ever remember seeing you with a hairline before!” One lady said she preferred my head being completely clean shaven, but she does not know that I had any procedure done at all, again she just assumes I’m not using a razor anymore. This is more than I could have hoped for, I never knew it could look this natural (I hoped it would). Mr. Weston delivered big time. He and Gale made me feel completely comfortable with their courtesy and knowledge and confidence…..the whole process was truly a pleasure. This has been one of the most important and one of the best decisions I have ever made regarding my own appearance. I have become so much less self-conscious now with my balding image now a thing of the past; and every now and then as I pass a mirror I have to pinch myself to really get used to the handsome young 42 year old stud looking back at me. From the bottom of my heart thank you two!!!!

K.F. July 2013

I’ve been researching hair loss treatments for a long time now… well over a decade. The conclusion to all of this investigation is the simple truth that no one has discovered a cure for hair loss. There are some decent results with the Rogaine family of meds, but only on the back of some people’s heads and nothing for the front. The hair transplant idea was put to rest for me when with just a little bit of research you find some horrific results with scars and very small sprigs of hair growth (for some, not for others). Personally, I would rather be bald than go through that procedure.

Then, about a year ago, I saw where some folks were doing a procedure where they were replicating the look of a ‘buzz’ cut by tattooing tiny hair-like follicles on the head of a bald person. My wife actually saw it before me and said you’ve got to see the results of this procedure. As I examined it, I couldn’t believe how much it looked like hair. I’d been buzzing my head with a 1 guard for well over a decade and thought to myself, “This is kind of how I look anyway, just without much hair.” So I began doing research on the procedure. After many months of painstaking investigation, I decided on Artistry Concepts and Mark Weston. After traveling through the “muddy” waters of blogs, forums, websites, and looking deeply into other folks doing this procedure, I came out on the other side confident that Mark was the “real deal” when it came to this hair replication.

He doesn’t have a huge staff that attempts to do what he does. He does the procedure himself, one client at a time, because at the end of the day, the tiny details of what he does really is a unique work of art. His needles are unique because of how much smaller they are compared to the thinnest commercial needles. He makes sure that every hair-like mark is individual and has the look of what an actual buzzed head looks like. He talked to me about the specialized pigment he makes and his many years of experience as an artist in this field. If one takes the time to do all the necessary research, what he or she will find is that Mark is the pioneer of this type of work. He’s also awesome to talk with and I consider him a friend after sitting with him for about eight hours over two days. He and Gale and are a great team. I enjoyed my time with them. My results speak for itself. Next to finding a cure for baldness, this is the best procedure out there for bald men. I was confident going in I had located the right person to do the procedure, but now more than ever I know I made the right decision. Mark, I can’t thank you enough for changing my life for the better. God bless you and Gale. I wish the very best to both of you. (I still want to get on that boat!) – Keith

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