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B.C. August 2012

Yes it’s me the guy from the video a lot of you all probably hit repeat to wondering if this procedure is the cure for male pattern baldness. I am here today over a year later to tell you look no further this is your solution. I sent Artistry Concepts pictures from my iPhone the other day showing off the fantastic results of how my head looks now at 18 months. The staff at Artistry Concepts is truly amazing and have helped give me something back that I lost so long ago my… self confidence. I’m 24 now and started balding at a very young age. When I reached the age of 20, my hair at the top of my head was nearly gone. I’ve known Mark and Gale coming up on 3 years now. They worked with me and waited for me for a year so I could save up the money to get the procedure corrected and done right. If that isn’t showing care and concern for your customers, I don’t know what is. Now coming up on my second year since I’ve had the procedure done which will be in December. Life has been great! I get all the ladies, don’t wear a hat, and I’m highly confident in myself. I have never met a group of people so dedicated to their customers than the staff at Artistry Concepts. They have created something that will help guys like me for generations to come. The ACHM2 method cannot be duplicated and I advise you to come here get your money’s worth and the procedure done the right way. I still stand by the statement I made over a year ago Mark is truly the Michael Jordan of this industry and no one can match him.

B.M. August 2012

I am not sure how to begin, but here it goes. My name is Bruce and I am 43 years old. I have been losing my hair since I was in my early 20’s. I served in the Army so I was use to having a short haircut. After I got out of the Army I wanted to do something about my hair loss so I joined hair club for men. Big mistake, one of the worst. I was in the club about 4 years and thousands of dollars later just decided one day to take it off and shave my head. I loved the feeling of no sticky stuff on my head. I kept my head shaved for the past 5 years until I found Artistry Concepts online. I read their website and all about them about 20 times. Let me start by saying Mark and Gale are the real deal. The ACHM2 looks amazing. 5 days after having this done I was standing in front of my Pastor of over 10 years and he did not know anything. My wife assured me that it wouldn’t be a big deal because I kept my head shaved. Even my sister in law didn’t notice until I told her. I was nervous right up until I walked in the door, but the moment I met Gale at the office, I was fine. Mark is a genius, I could not be happier with the results. I finally found my solution. I would recommend Artistry Concepts to anyone who wants to do something that looks real, and build their confidence. It has boosted mine, and their isn’t enough words to describe how I feel now. My wife told me it was my decision, and I can tell you, one of the best decisions of my life. I feel like I have my life back and don’t have to worry about someone staring at my head anymore. Truly remarkable is all I can say. This was the perfect solution for me, thank you Mark and Gale for making me feel welcome and changing my life. Bruce M

D.M. April 2012

My name is Dimitris, I’m from Greece and I had an ACHM2® June 2010 and here is my little story of what happened the last 15 months.

The ACHM2® cured up to the point that it looked exactly the same as when I shave my head (looked like as if I had asked the “shaved look” from you). And stayed that way till now. That to me was perfect!!!. At the beginning I clipped my hair I had to do daily to match the look and most important it was a mess, all that little hair all over the sink and my sensitive skin didn’t appreciate the continuous back and forth of the clipper with the applied pressure by trying to cut the hair as short as possible.

So the shaving was perfect. I can do it literally in a minute, no hair mess as it stays on the foam and washed down the sink, no irritation whatsoever, no need for back mirrors like the clipper to check if I have cut it all smoothly because I can feel with my fingers if there’s some hair left in a spot and shave it, it gives my 2-3 days before I have to do it again since it starts from zero down, plus I really love the feeling of the shaved head (it literally arouses me to touch my scalp, better yet from women, it’s superb!) In a word, beautiful, no minuses only pluses more I could have asked for.

Then I focused on my scar. Shaving my head made it look great but the scar was still there and with the shaved head it showed even more (it was raised and all if you can recall). I had therapies (silicon etc.) and a procedure to stretch it to make it as flat as possible. After that (it took several months) I evaluated my options and I ended up at a tattoo artist here in Greece, the best possibly as he does all the celebrities here.

We concluded to have a tattoo at the back. Also, at our first couple of meetings I didn’t tell him about my ACHM2® to see if he can detect it as a tattoo artist himself. He couldn’t, even though he examined my head closely and as you can assume, if he couldn’t no one else can and that’s correct till this day. Only when he asked me ”why don’t you grow some hair to cover the scar, you seem to have plenty and a nice hairline” I told him the truth and he couldn’t believe it, he said the ACHM2® looked perfect, real.

All in all, I love it all, I only get compliments both for my hair and tattoo (you see everyone sees it as a head full of hair with a tattoo in the back, not as 2 different tattoos, haha). My inner circle of people who know find the whole result amazing and my outer circle who they don’t know they just see a guy with shaved head and a tattoo. The ACHM2® ON MY HEAD HAS STAYED THE SAME FOR MORE THAN A YEAR. NOW, SO IT’S SAFE TO SAY ITS GONNA BE THERE FOR GOOD. And I still sweat a lot, exercise at the gym a lot, shave it a lot and its pretty hot here, but with little care, sunscreen or a hat if necessary, it hasn’t changed a bit.

I just want to finally say a big “THANK YOU” to you guys, not one of these thank yous we say every day but one you say to someone who did good to you that is life changing!!! So I thought you should know.

A.V. March 2012

I just wanted to share a “confidence building” experience that happened to me a few days ago. Last week I had my yearly Dermatologist appointment where he always checks my skin for cancer spots since I am a light skinned person living in Florida. He checked my body, including the top of my head, because since I have a “buzz” cut, my head would get more exposure. When he has completed his observation he asks me why I cut my hair so short because it looked like I would get great coverage from the transplants I had done years ago. At that moment, all I could do was smile and tell him I had something to share with him. It wasn’t the transplants. As I told him that I had performed your ACHM2® procedure, his mouth was wide open and all he said was that I had completely fooled him… even under the bright lights. It made my day, even after the high co-payment for the visit! Well, I just wanted to share a great experience and it just continues to show that you guys do great work.

R.J. March 2012

Artistry Concepts may very well have the best tattooing hair artists in the world! I am very pleased with Artistry Concepts’ work and them after speaking with them about my situation… no sales pitch, just the truth. With empathy and accuracy, Artistry Concepts implements the ACHM2 procedure that Mark Weston pioneered.

Artistry Concepts has changed my life in several ways… after more than 20 years – no more hairpieces… and… the freedom to take a hot shower anytime without worrying about the heat causing the glue under the hairpiece to come loose or causing the glue to infiltrate the hairpiece, greatly shorting its useful life… the freedom to go outside without being concerned about the wind displacing the hair on the hair piece and making it look unnatural – even though the hairpiece never really looked natural in the first place… the freedom to work outside or go to the gym, workout and sweat, and not be concerned about the hairpiece smelling bad, coming loose, or the “hair” getting out of place… the freedom to live a heather, cleaner, and more active lifestyle! I now look and feel younger.

My scalp was not a clean canvas when I showed up to begin the procedure. More than 20 years before the ACHM2 procedure, my scalp had endured several scalp reductions and several plug style, cornrow hair transplants that established a hairline in the top front of my head. My head had a seven inch scalp reduction scar running down the middle from front to back, two six inch donor scars in the back of my head, and scaring around the transplanted hair plugs in the front… and a big bald area on top of my head… overall, not a pretty sight. Until I discovered Artistry Concepts and the ACHM2 procedure, I considered the hairpiece to be the best option to cover up the mess left behind by the surgeon.

Artistry Concepts used the established hairline on the top front of my head where the coarse hair plugs were located and he filled in the large balding area behind the hairline. They also filled in the scars and blended all the tattooed “new hair” with the existing hair on the sides of my head. The scalp reduction scar is now nearly undetectable and the donor scars are camouflaged. Artistry Concepts does amazing work with their steady hands and sharp eyes. I am most pleased with the color of the “new hair”… kind of a gray salt and pepper. The smallness of the new tattooed hair points, the color of the new tattooed hair, and their ability to correctly place and blend the new tattooed hair sets Artistry Concepts apart.

I now keep my hair shaved or cut close and definitely enjoy a more active lifestyle since having the procedure. Artistry Concepts and the ACHM2 procedure may have well added many worry free years to my life. Needless to say, if you were concerned about hair loss, I would recommend you avoid scalp reductions, hair transplants, and hairpieces. The hairpieces will actually accelerate you hair loss, as your scalp cannot breathe. Knowing what I know now, I would personally choose Artistry Concepts and the ACHM2 procedure. Thanks to the professional staff at Artistry Concepts!

G.P. February 2012

It has been one week since I had the hair replication procedure and I can say that the ACHM2® has exceeded my expectations. The result is fantastic and the professionalism extended to me by your artist was supreme. He explained to me what the process was and was very meticulous in the details. He made sure I understood what needed to be done after the procedure and was an overall pleasure to be around. In all, the experience was very well coordinated much like a doctor’s practice. I must admit that I was initially skeptical but now my only regret is that I did not do this sooner. My only qualm with your business is that you are vastly under marketed, as it was by mistake that I found out about Artistry Concepts and there is very little information on the web. I believe that everybody who has had a hair transplant should go to your office afterwards to further volumize their hair and cover their scar. Once again, thank you for your outstanding professionalism and overall great work! A very satisfied customer.

P.K. February 2012

Hi all – It’s been just about a year since I got my hairline tattooed with the ACHM2®, so I thought I’d send you some updated photos I took last week. Occasionally I check hair loss forums and it seems like a lot of people are worried about the pigment used in an ACHM2® treatment fading over time. As you can see, my ACHM2® hasn’t faded at all. Mark did a superb job of matching the pigment on the top of my head with the colour of the remaining hair on my temples. I’m 100% satisfied – although I should reiterate that I’ve been absolutely diligent in following the ACHM2® after-care instructions. I moisturise at least twice a day, I apply factor 50 sunblock every morning regardless of the season or how sunny it is, and I never go outside without wearing a hat or cap.

A.V. February 2012

What can I say that probably hasn’t already been said? This procedure was one of the better decisions that I have made in my entire life. My hat collection has gone from 8 to one…and only when I “want” to wear it, not because I “have” to wear it to cover up my baldness.

My friends and family love the short hair and even say that it makes me look younger. All I can say is that Artistry Concepts is the one! Their artists have some crazy skills and have the gift to give a guy back his confidence. Of course, they were taught by the ACHM2® Developer, Mark Weston. Now I don’t worry about who is sitting behind me or if there is too much light that will show the shine off my bald spot. I give Artistry Concepts extra credit because my head looked like a battleground because of two HT’s and a scalp reduction, yet it looks fantastic. They were even able to give me a hairline on the back of my head where hair had stopped growing. Bottom line is that you should not be afraid of this procedure. It looks natural. I work under some bright lights and NOBODY has said anything that hasn’t been positive. It just looks like a buzz cut. In closure, I just wanted to thank you guys for all that you have done and I wish you many good things for the future.

N. T. February 2012

nt_feb_2012Hi everyone! I want to begin saying that I am a 28 year old male, I am from Mexico, living in Houston Texas since 2008.

When I had the procedure done by Artistry Concepts I was a Norwood 4, and I think that all who suffer from Alopecia know what I have gone through, especially those who have gone to the University or College because that was my case.

Well to keep the story short, I found this type of solution for hair loss in early 2011. I did my research for months and finally I took the decision to go with Artistry Concepts for my procedure. My journey with AC started requesting a quote, and I have to say there was no sales pressure at all! I got my quote, and to be honest, I was going to pay less than I was expecting, because I had received a quote from a doctor in Los Angeles who was starting this type of solution. There was a huge difference between the two prices.

A few days later I made my deposit and booked and appointment for my ACHM2®. I flew to Fort Myers, Florida, got a rental car and drove for about one hour to Englewood. Finally the day of my procedure, September 13th 2011. I got to Artistry Concepts Center and there was another young man that sat on the couch, we greeted each other and just a few seconds later Mark and his artist came and introduced themselves. I have to say that they are very nice persons. After that I went with Mark’s artist, he shaved my head with clippers and the other man went with Mark. After shaving my head we started the ACHM2. After just the first day of work I knew that I had made the right decision. Next day I went to finish my procedure and then the next day I flew back to Houston.

After a month of my procedure a friend of mine who was a Norwood 7 saw me with my new stubble look and he said he thought I was bald. I told him the truth and he had his procedure done in November 2011 by Artistry Concepts too. On the dates of his ACHM2 I went with him, just taking advantage that he was going to have his procedure also he was going to pay the hotel and the rental car. Artistry Concepts saw me and he did a little touch up on me.

Almost five months have passed since my first procedure and I am very happy with it. With my experience so far I can say this about Artistry Concepts:

(1). They are great persons. Artistry Concepts, thank you for giving me my life back. (2). There is no sales pressure at all. (3). Five months after my ACHM2 you can see the little dots that match perfectly with my real hair. (4). Every time I have had a question, they always have answered very politely, so you are not alone on this.

And finally I really recommend Artistry Concepts for this type of procedure, because with only two days with them you are able to go outside and nobody can tell that you did something. And very important if you think you need a little touch up after your procedure just contact them and they really take care of their customers.


A. O. February 2012

ao_feb_2012Artistry Concepts SAVED my life. They offer the best service and product that exists for hair loss, and I’m forever grateful for the work they did for me, their honesty from day one, and the level of professionalism, skill and support they provided.

Started balding at 17 and fell for the transplant gimmick at 19, worst mistake ever. I was left with giant scars from ear to ear; with thin hair on top; a need to continue going back for more and more to add density. All the while all it keeps receding; so you end up living like a dog chasing its own tail. And all to have thin hair sprouts. Then tried the hair system route. AWFUL. Not wanting to further butcher my head, I shaved my head at 28. But I was a bald guy that looked like a lobotomy victim. Hats were a must. Dating became obsolete. Without a hat the first thing I heard was OMG! What happened to your poor head? Humiliating, and worst of all: I’d done it all to myself!

Then through a random Google search, I came across Artistry Concepts and several others claiming to offer similar. I contacted all 3 companies. But I discovered the others offered products that were temporary; so in a few years, your new hair turns blue, fades, and really is no better than the transplant lie as it involves flying there forever. Only Artistry Concepts offers a permanent fix. And a result that nobody will know isn’t real hair.

The others lied to me, promising perfection; I still get emails and never-ending voicemails soliciting business from Good Look Ink. Initially they said their product was permanent, then later told me I would likely have to return in 10 years for a touch up. HIS Hair Clinic did a consult via phone and photo, had me select dates, and then never returned a single email thereafter (I just wanted my scar done then, and that clearly would not make them the $$ they wanted).

Very interesting that the HIS site repeatedly bashes Artistry Concepts. When you find someone bashing another like that it’s because they have problems and are insecure about their inferiority. HIS sure has a high tech website. But when you offer a phenomenal product, word spreads quickly, and such advertising gimmicks are not necessary. AC was the opposite. They told me the truth, that in covering a HT scar, or any scar tissue, perfection cannot be guaranteed. Nothing involving human skin and tissue, and I’m a RN, can claim to provide perfection. Never did AC call or email me asking when can we set this up. They only contacted me to reply to questions I had. NO PRESSURE. I remember calling Gale with a huge list of questions, and she said to me, “If you have any doubts at all I recommend that you do not do this.” Clearly AC does not believe they need to lie or pressure you because they know their product is the best; they know their customers leave happy, and word of mouth (and vision) is better than advertising lies. They did not need my $$. Just wanted was to ensure I had realistic expectations. I decided to go with them, and THANK GOD.

My scar is now invisible. My mom forbid me to fly to Florida to have this done, as everything I’d done prior to my head was a disaster. When she saw me after, her jaw dropped in amazement. Their prices were ironically much lower than the others. Just take one look at the staff there that’s had it done: undetectable and flawless. AC treated me like family. We still keep in touch via email. Robert, the artist, was more of a therapist and a friend, and in no way a salesman. I was greeted with a handshake and a hug. Very ma and pa style, unlike the others with big business pressure and lies. When your work speaks for itself, no need to try and sales pitch it.

I work part time for a plastic surgeon. He can’t believe the result! Don’t be fooled by the others. This procedure may seem strange, a hair-like tattoo, or too good to be true: but it’s not. They saved my life; they gave me a future to look forward to. I’m 33 now, and feel like I’m18 all over again… except no longer depressed, and now with !!


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