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Unique Cases

Artistry Concepts has been receiving an overwhelming amount of inquiries regarding correcting of various scalp pigmentation applications.  In 2010, we saw a sudden influx of new providers over a 12 month time period. Eventually, almost all of these new companies fell by the wayside because of poor and disastrous end results.  It appears that the industry is now on another four year cycle, with hundreds of new companies advertising their services every month.

Weston had been using an old school tattoo trick for almost 30 years to fade and dissolve unwanted tattoo pigments. Because of this original influx of corrections, Weston then fine-tuned this method into a proprietary procedure in mid 2010 to dissolve pigments injected by inexperienced SMP providers. By blending a specific combination of natural compounds with utilizing his SMART Pigments℠, he is able to readily dissolve and fade the previous pigment by almost 85%. Thereby creating a cleaner “canvas” for a new ACHM2.5® application without having to undergo laser sessions.

In addition, many of the temporary SMP’s  that were applied several years ago are now due for reapplication.  This page will cover our most unique cases, and hopefully, will assist the reader in researching and choosing the proper provider.

Correction of Another Provider’s SMP

Photo Above Left: This gentleman actually had two SMP procedures by two different companies before coming to Weston. According to the client, the first company’s SMP looked good for the first eight days, then it faded to nothing. However, this company pushed him to purchase their “special” aftercare products (which did not help the fading). By the ninth day, the SMP had faded away to the point where there was no SMP left on his scalp. The second company advised the client they had to do some correction from the first company’s work and charged him additional money on top of the cost for their SMP. But when this “numerous session” method of SMP was complete, it looked like they just did a touch up from the first company’s work, not a complete new SMP. But after ten days, it faded the same way as the first one. You may read this client’s unpleasant experience HERE.

NOTE: This client’s first SMP was done by a company that “trains” their techs in three days. See Scalp Pigmentation Training for information regarding proper training. The second company utilizes the UK developed method of numerous sessions performed over many weeks.

Photo Above Middle: Weston applied the ACHM2.5® as if there was no previous work and was able to override the residue of the previous pigments from both companies. This photo was taken during the ACHM2.5® application and the difference can clearly be seen between the pigments. Unlike other methods, the ACHM2.5® is a one-time, permanent application performed in one appointment.

Photo Above Right: The outcome after the application of the ACHM2.5®. This photo was taken immediately after and the client’s scalp still needed shampooing to remove excess pigment that accumulated in the pores. The color will soften about 20% and will blend in with his own remaining hair.

Correction of Another Provider’s SMP

Photo Above Left: This man was told that this company’s scalp pigmentation application would be permanent, but lasted only a year. The residue of the pigments can be seen if examined closely.

Photo Above Middle: Weston applied the ACHM2.5® as if there was no previous work and was able to override the residue of the previous pigments. This photo was taken immediately after the ACHM2.5® application, and you can also see under close examination the correction of the hairline (see next photo and description).

Photo Above Right: The previous provider claims that their “team effort” far surpasses that of a sole artist (Weston is the only true sole artist in the industry). This photo depicts their team effort first hand. The hairline was established by one tech; she then consulted another “team” tech for his opinion. After being advised by the second tech that the hairline was acceptable, the scalp pigmentation was commenced with the hairline being off over one-half inch. The client even told the “techs” that the hairline was off and they continued to assure him that they were correct. If various technicians need to consult others in their company for hairline styles, they may not have the experience to properly apply your SMP.

Mark Weston Helps Wounded Veterans

specialty scalp pigmentation

Because of Weston’s many affiliations with wounded veterans’ groups, he routinely offers his ACHM2.5® scalp pigmentation as a complimentary service to severely injured vets. This man suffered serious skull injuries from a bomb blast in Iraq. The area to the left are not HT donor areas, but skin grafts to replace scalp on other parts of the skull. Because of the extent of the injury, this veteran will need to return for a touchup. Weston offers four to six complimentary procedures each month to wounded veterans.

Correction Of A New Provider’s SMP

BEFORE:  This gentleman opted to use the scalp pigmentation services of one of the hundreds of new SMP providers out there. He was informed that they used “special” needles and “special” pigment.  He was also advised that all their “technicians” were highly trained with extensive experience.  When the client requested a mirror to see the starting results, he immediately told the technician to stop.

AFTER:  With Weston’s extensive experience with pigments, he was able to neutralize some of the major solid blue blotches.  He was then able to apply the SMART Pigments℠ over top of the previous SMP treatment.  The final result is a testament to Weston’s 40 years of knowledge and experience.  The pigment will soften about 20 percent for the final result in about 30 days.  Again, make sure you research your provider thoroughly.

Faded Temporary Scalp Micropigmentation

Photo Above Left: This man was told that the scalp micropigmentation application would be permanent, lasting three to five years, but lasted less than a year. However, it is fair to say that some factors must be taken into consideration associated with premature pigment fade. Excessive sun exposure, diet, stress and medications are a few of the outside factors that may affect pigment. As can be seen, the temporary pigments left a residue in the way of pigmentation “points” that were applied too deep and remained on the scalp. There is also a slight overall tinge to the scalp.

Photo Above Middle: Weston applied the ACHM2® as if there was no previous work and was able to override the temporary pigments that were used for the previous “permanent” application.

Photo Above Right: A photo three years later showing the ACHM2® and SMART Pigments’ natural and strong lasting color. So it is apparent that the client did not have any outside factors that were affecting the pigment, as he retained Weston’s application and pigments beautifully. Artistry Concepts defines permanent as 20 years or more.

Facial Scar Camouflage

Facial Scar Camouflage

As for changing lives, here is another example of Weston’s unmatched skills and amazing capabilities. This woman was in a motorcycle accident that resulted in facial reconstruction by a plastic surgeon. After reconstruction, the surgeon recommended she come to Weston to later camouflage the purple scarring.

While the scarring is still visible, there was an incredible improvement. Weston also added eyeliner and reconstructed her lip line as much as possible. The only makeup this woman is wearing in the after photo is the permanent eyeliner and lip color that Weston applied.  ( Eyeliner is also seen in before photo). Nothing less than an amazing transformation.

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