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Client Benefits

The client benefits greatly when they choose the best scalp pigmentation at Artistry Concepts.  Not only are you receiving the most technologically advanced scalp pigmentation in the field for your hair loss, you are also benefiting from the decades of experience that artist Mark Weston offers. Superior proven permanent results, experience, technology and value are all what you can expect with the ACHM2®  scalp micropigmentations

While the answer to many questions have been addressed in detail in our site for years, this page will give the potential scalp pigmentation recipient a simple and direct answer. A more detailed answer can be found by clicking on the links provided in each answer.

This page provides extensive information on the differences between the Artistry Concepts® ACHM2® and other scalp micro-pigmentation methods. The ACHM2® is much more than a generic form of scalp micro-pigmentation. This page provides a clear and concise understanding of the technologically-advanced and superior differences that the ACHM2® and offers.

Mark Weston of Artistry Concepts continues to move forward with innovations for scalp micropigmentation needle design. No other company can match the persistence of Weston, and Artistry Concepts continues to set the standard for the scalp micropigmentation industry as we have consistently since 2009.

Summary: “3-D” scalp pigmentation was originally developed by Mark Weston in 2009. Weston’s various innovations in needle design and application method has been replicating the “3D” look since December of 2009 with the ACHM2®. Weston seeks natural, not perfection.

Weston has created a line of permanent pigments engineered for the scalp only. He applied his “old school” knowledge to developing shades of colors derived from an organically-based powder that would not turn to the blues and greens as cosmetic pigments and regular tattoo inks.

Your consultation and  ACHM2® procedures will be performed by the developer, Mark Weston in our Sarasota Center location.  The ACHM2® scalp pigmentation procedure is performed in confidential, private and sterilized procedure room. As we service many high profile clients, confidentiality, discretion and privacy is mandatory.

Mark Weston first accommodated a friend in 1989 who request tattooing of hair stubble on his bald head. Weston had several more opportunities since that time to “create” the stubble look. But with the onset of the popularity of the buzz cut, Weston started receiving further inquiries about the hair loss tattoo stubble look, now scalp micropigmentation. In 2009, Weston formally became the first in the United States to offer this alternative for hair loss as a full time business.

 Scalp pigmentation licensing requirements are very strict and similar in almost all states. Artistry Concepts is a fully, legally licensed and permitted facility and have been consistently since 2007. Here is a list of the licensing prerequisites required by the Florida Department of Health. There is no such thing as a “blanket” license to cover numerous artists, locations or an artist travelling and operating in numerous states.

Researching and developing a specialized medical tattoo method, equipment, supplies and pigments to realistically replicate hair follicles, Weston also received a patent in July of 2015 for the Artistry Concepts Hybrid Method (ACHM2®) needles.  He has already helped hundreds of men to alleviate the psychological pain of baldness.

Gale is Weston’s business partner and wife and she brings a diversified background to the business. She co-founded the original Artistry Concepts Hair Replication Center and continues to work with Weston in all phases of the original ACHM through the ACHM2.5.

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