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Scalp pigmentation licensing requirements are very strict and similar in almost all states.  Artistry Concepts is a fully, legally licensed and permitted facility and have been consistently since 2007. Here is a list of the licensing prerequisites required by the Florida Department of Health.  Also required are occupational licenses from the Town of Longboat Key. There is no such thing as a “blanket” license to cover numerous artists, locations or an artist travelling and operating in numerous states.

Individual Artist License Requirements

(Weston License Number: 44-44-1458637)

  •  Satisfactory completion of a State-approved Bloodborne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases Course.
  • Approved application to the State Department of Health
  • Annually renewed


Fixed Location License

(Artistry Concepts License Number: 41-44-1636689)

  •  Approved application to the State Department of Health. This is routinely handled by the particular county’s Health Department. The permanent and fixed location is inspected for the following requirements:


  1. Sterilization requirements that include all smooth surfaces within the procedure room that can be sterilized with an approved and currently dated germicide. General sanitation inspection for entire business.
  2. Inspection of all needles, tubes, gloves, etc. for current dates
  3. Inspection of proper machine, clip cord covers, bottle covers, etc.
  4. If an autoclave is utilized, inspection of the independent monitoring company’s records regarding monthly testing and maintenance
  5. Approval of an appropriately-located sink for artist’s use only for sterilization. This sink cannot be in a rest room that is also used by the customer
  6. Light meter inspection of sufficient lighting required
  7. Annual inspection required for renewal
  8. Inspection of bio-medical waste. Includes location of waste, proper sharps (needles) disposal and examination of bio-medical waste company’s removal records and their permits


Bio-Medical Waste Generator Permit

(Artistry Concepts Permit Number: 41-64-1636685)

  •  The establishment must contract with a State-approved medical waste disposal company. This contract must be in place before the fixed location inspection. The bio-medical waste company will supply you with a disposal box (picked up every 28 days), sharps container, and removal log.


Business Tax License

Town of Longboat Key

(Artistry Concepts License Number:  11092.2016)






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