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New ACHM2.5

The ACHM2.5 is the Newest Innovation for Scalp Pigmentation

The field of scalp pigmentation has once been moved forward with this new and highly advanced needle design by Mark Weston. No other company in the world can match the dedication and persistence of Weston, and Artistry Concepts continues to set the standard for the scalp micropigmentation industry as we have consistently done since 2009.

While other companies spend their time creating new marketing strategies to increase their bottom line, Mark Weston has created yet another breakthrough for a needle design exclusively for scalp micropigmentation.

Our New Diamond Tipped Titanium ACHM2.5 Needles


Until now, the ACHM2® needles remained the smallest in the industry. But Weston has designed even a smaller needle and has surpassed his own present ACHM2® design. Previously, a smaller needle than ACHM2® needle was not possible because of too much flexibility in the stainless and the inability to carry sufficient pigment to the scalp.  You can read more about this new micro 3-point needle size. The new ACHM2.5 needles are used in conjunction with our patented ACHM2® needles in some applications to create a superior blend and transition into remaining hair.  The ACHM2.5 needles were developed as a specialty needle only for very specific cases and skin types, and used in about ten percent of applications.

Medical Titanium is bio-compatible with no known allergic reactions. A smaller titanium needle was designed in lieu of the present stainless. However because titanium is not as strong as stainless, Weston utilized a special diamond coating finishing process. Thereby drastically increasing the titanium strength.

Diamond is the hardest material known, and has a very small friction coefficient and is used widely in surgical instruments. It is also an excellent material for use in various needle applications. This much sharper needle creates increased ease of insertion into the scalp benefiting the scalp pigmentation recipient.



This new ACHM2.5 needle offers new features for the client:

• Up to 1350 follicles per square inch.

• Smaller insertion point resulting in far less irritation

• Ease of insertion into the scalp, resulting in shortened application time

• Faster healing and curing time

• More natural blend into remaining hair

• Follicle growth stimulation



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