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airportOur Scalp Pigmentation Florida Studio is open by appointment only. Many times Mr. Weston accommodates clients on weekends and holidays. Therefore, we may take days off during the week at which time you may not reach us personally by telephone. In this case, we monitor our email when we are not in the Studio, so you always reach us promptly via




If you would like to submit photos and the required necessary information for an estimate, please visit our Prices page.

Cost for the ACHM2® and ACHM2.5® hair pigmentation is based strictly on a case-by case basis. Because of the uniqueness of our patent-pending procedure, prices cannot be quoted based on the Norwood-Hamilton Scale, nor can they be fairly compared to other providers’ quotes for scalp micro-pigmentation, micro hair tattooing or any other generic Temporary scalp pigmentation.

While all questions of a general nature are answered in this website, please understand that we must first have your photos so we can accurately assess your specific case. Without photo submission, it is difficult to answer your case-specific questions with you on the phone. Therefore, please return to our  Prices page and follow the steps to submit photos. Thank you.




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