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Medical Financing

Scalp Pigmentation Finance Packages.  You deserve the best!  This may be one of the most important decisions you will make in your lifetime regarding your looks.  We sometimes make excuses as to why we don’t deserve the best.  Don’t let your current budget prevent you from receiving the ACHM2® and ACHM2.5.


Artistry Concepts offers affordable scalp pigmentation finance packages for those men who may have some financial challenges or for those whom would rather spread their investment out over time.  Artistry Concepts believes that every man deserves to get the highest quality scalp micropigmentation procedure with the most innovative and advanced technology in the world today.

You can get more information on the lender’s website at United Medical Credit.  You may safely and confidentially complete the application through the link below.  All your personal information is submitted directly to the approved medical financing lender and is never seen by Artistry Concepts.

NOTE:  Client is responsible for financing fee and shall reimburse Artistry Concepts for same at the time of your appointment.  Fees range from approximately $150 to $300, depending on amount financed and credit score.


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