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Hair Transplants

NOTE: The ACHM2.5® does not require routine scheduled touchups. But in some cases, hair transplant clients or any other specialty scalp surgery may require a return visit for touchups and/or additional blending. Depending on the hairline your HT surgeon has designed for you, any deviation may not be an option for you. In most cases, what you have is what you will keep but with ACHM2.5® denseness added. The ACHM2.5® SMART Pigments™ are intended to “cure” about 20 percent lighter than when originally applied. In addition, all hairlines will “soften” and appear less pronounced within 2 to 4 weeks.

Information Regarding Hair Transplant Recipients

Hair transplant recipients should not expect the exact same perfect results as those men who have not had HT work. Scarring takes pigment much differently than skin that is a “clean canvas.” This is both in the recipient areas as well as the donor areas. Covering of hair transplant donor scars or any other scalp scarring is a camouflage and may still be visible depending on the extent of the scarring.

The skill of the hair transplant surgeon resulting in the severity of the scar is one of the contributing factors to the success of the ACHM2.5® camouflage. Some men have their expectations way too high for the final outcome as they expect the ACHM2.5® to completely remove the donor scar(s) from a hair transplant. We are not cosmetic surgeons and we are unable to guarantee complete invisibility of the scarred areas.

Needling Contraindictions

While needling is useful and produces great results on many types of scars, it is a contraindication for hair transplant donor scars being “prepped” for pigmentation. Artistry Concepts adheres to strict HT post surgery timelines, as scarring needs time to heal from within before pigments can be applied under the skin.

Needling HT donor scars merely creates a “fresh” injury to the already unstable scar, causing new collagen to form. While this new growth will help to make the scar smoother, it also promotes rapid migration of the pigment, also termed “bleeding” of the pigment. The pigment will spread within a week or two in the donor scar and will eventually resemble points as if left by a Sharpie pen. This treatment is also not for darker pigmented skin, as it can cause discoloration or hyperpigmentation.


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