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This extensive scalp micropigmentation library section will provide a wealth of useful information for the potential client that you will find through no other provider. Also known as tattoo for hair loss, hair pigmentation or micro hair tattooing or scalp micropigmentation is quickly becoming the most sought-after form of hair restoration in the hair loss industry. This highly specialized field has caused an explosion in the number of companies now offering scalp micropigmentation. Investors attempting to cash in are hanging out their shingles and hiring new technicians without the proper training, knowledge, supplies or equipment.

The articles in this library section will assist in educating the reader through many of the industry’s questions, facts and fallacies. These will assist you in sorting out providers’ claims, questions to ask and even how to interview the potential technician that will actually be working on YOU.  This Library is a free service, no need to purchase a subscription like other companies.


Summary:  Scalp pigmentation courses have exploded. Anyone and everyone who ever picked up a tattoo machine or permanent cosmetics machine seem to be claiming they are the experts in training. Weston receives about ten phone calls a week requesting training opportunities to learn the ACHM2®. Weston will be offering ACHM2® training to qualified applicants on a limited basis.

Summary: Another important area to be addressed is the various “specialty” needles that companies are claiming they use for scalp miropigmentation.  Let’s explore actual facts about needle sets. Just about every scalp micropigmentation company out here is claiming that they have the smallest needles, or special needles.

Summary:  There have been alarming disclaimers found on some scalp pigmentation providers websites regarding sterilization.  This article has been published to readily address some of these disclaimers.

Summary: If you are a man who is considering one of the “numerous session” scalp pigmentation methods, this is an important page for you to read.  Many of these providers claim their scalp pigmentations are “permanent,”  but they are temporary, lasting only three to five years.

Summary: Many clients have whom have undergone a scalp pigmentation procedure from another company are concerned about what they had experienced.  Many of these previous clients have expressed the same despair, that the technician(s) did not take the time to consult first, ask them what they wanted, or even answer any specific questions.  Most were told “don’t worry, it will be fine” throughout the procedure(s).   In addition, many of these clients wished in retrospect that they had stopped the session.

Summary: With so many new companies arriving on the scene each day, not only can it become overwhelming when trying to research providers, it is difficult to remember what each and every company either tells you or claims. Ensuring a quality end scalp pigmentation procedure can be confusing and difficult.

Summary: There has been more and more discussion lately regarding the skill and experience of individual technicians. While the provider you have chosen may have an excellent reputation with overall great results, the skill, talent, experience, technique and touch of each of their technicians may vary greatly. scalp pigmentation must be viewed as a cosmetic art form. This is your appearance, you deserve to request the most experienced and skilled technician available.

Summary: Check out this Comparative Guide to see how two other known scalp micropigmentation companies compare to Artistry Concepts. We have posted the actual researched facts here which contradict their claims.

Summary: To assist you in interviewing and keeping track of the particular providers’ answers or claims, you may download this convenient worksheet to assist you in choosing your provider. This worksheet has the important key questions to ask. There should be no gray areas in their answers, a simple yes or no, so look for any hesitation on the provider’s part to give you a simple answer.

Summary: Whether you have already had your scalp pigmentation, whether a permanent application (20 years) or temporary (2-7 years), you can still be suffering from the same effects you had before your procedure. And you now must be more aware than before to help maintain the longevity of your scalp pigmentation.

Summary:  It is no secret that there is still a lot of controversy about scalp pigmentation, even though this industry has increasingly evolved into an accepted practice in the last few years.  It is a genuine desire of mine to understand and predict the future of this service industry and to drive forward with beginning steps to regulate same.


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