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Interviewing Your Technician


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Determining the Best Scalp Pigmentation Provider

Determining the best scalp pigmentation possible takes research and legwork.  There has been more and more discussion lately regarding the skill and experience of individual technicians and the best scalp pigmentation company. While the provider you have chosen may have an excellent reputation with overall great results, the skill, talent, experience, technique and touch of each of their technicians may vary greatly. Scalp pigmentation should be viewed as a cosmetic art form. This is your appearance, you deserve to request the most experienced and skilled technician available. You should be interviewing the tech, they work for you.

Food for thought. Ten people enrolled in an art course and were taught the same art principles and techniques by the same instructor for the same length of time. So why is it some of the “graduates” are more adept than the others? The simple fact is; some have it and some don’t. And these ten people will eventually develop their own personal and individual skill. This same scenario can be applied to trained technicians. Not each of these techs will ever have the same “hand,” some will be quicker than others while others have a different “touch.” A true artist (in any art field) would not allow a fill-in to pick up where they left off.

On my Facebook page, I refer to the Lamborghini Murcielago SV. Hand-painted by one person only at the factory, this assures that the same “touch” is applied over the entire exterior body for a consistent and quality job. They do not utilize several techs with various painting techniques, skills nor experience.

SCALP PIGMENTATION TRAINING COURSES – Scalp pigmentation courses have exploded. Anyone and everyone who ever picked up a tattoo machine or permanent cosmetics machine seem to be claiming they are the experts in scalp pigmentation.  I routinely received about 20 phone calls a week requesting training opportunities to learn the ACHM2®. Some technicians themselves have only been trained themselves recently in a short on-line course. They cannot even show any of their own long-term results of scalp pigmentation.

So where is this leading? This is where you research the particular technician whom will be applying your pigmentation. To just make an appointment with the provider before finding out and researching the tech whom will be changing your physical appearance should not be a practice on the part of the recipient. Numerous techs working on you should not be an option; request one tech only.

Please visit the M. Weston Educational Center to find out more about Scalp Pigmentation Training.

CERTIFICATIONS – Many scalp pigmentation providers proudly display their technicians’ certifications. Again, a certification can be received as simply as taking a very general course over a long weekend by an unqualified trainer. Other certifications are not really certifications at all, just a professional-looking membership certificate secured by paying an annual fee.  Inquire who their trainer was and research them as well.

INDIVIDUAL ARTIST LICENSE – Almost all states in the United States require each technician to have a license. However, this license merely reflects that they have satisfactory completed a State-approved Bloodborne Pathogens & Communicable Diseases Course. But at least you will have the comfort that your tech is licensed by the State’s Department of Health. Again, request to see a copy. There is no such thing as a “blanket” license for the provider covering each individual technician. If the individual artist is not licensed, steer clear.  There are only two states that do not require inspections for the Department of Health ; Arizona and New York.  Artists are not even required to hold a tattoo license.

ART-RELATED BACKGROUND – An art degree or related experience is a plus for the potential technician. The understanding of the true color wheel (not reading off a chart provided by cosmetic pigment manufacturers), face shapes and bone structure contribute to the overall end pigmentation result. The ability and experience to properly identify different skin undertones is more important than most think. Many scalp pigmentation techs don’t even know what skin undertones are.

ASK FOR INDIVIDUAL RESUMES – Research the credentials of the person whom will be actually applying your pigmentation. In other words, you are hiring this person to provide you with a very important personal cosmetic service. Ask to speak to the very technician that will actually be performing your application, not a salesperson or receptionist. The technician should have a comprehensive understanding of the components of pigments as well as an art background. If the company does not post their technicians’ resumes on their website, request that same be emailed/faxed to you. Expect to see a resume with at least a history of three years. (All previous 3 year history, not just scalp pigmentation). Ask these questions:

  • What did they do before working for that company;
  • Where and how long for each position;
  • How long have they personally performed scalp pigmentation;
  • How many procedures in particular performed;
  • Where did they receive their training;
  • Any formal art-related background or degrees;
  • And, ask to see photos of their personal scalp pigmentation work

By requesting to interview your potential technician and asking for their resume, this will go a long way in your end satisfaction of the best possible result that you are entitled to.

©2014 Mark A. Weston

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