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Numerous Session Treatments


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The below latest piece of “information” was submitted to us by a client and was written by a rep for a new franchise company whose application method is the “numerous session” method:

“Another common scam is the advertising of a “one and done” solution. A high quality scalp pigmentation treatment CANNOT be completed in one session. It’s just not possible, and believe me if it was a viable option, the major providers would be doing it by now. Easier for customers, efficiency savings, a unique selling point – why wouldn’t they offer a single session treatment if they could? They’d make a killing….Because it simply doesn’t work like that. Any provider that tells you they can complete a full scalp micropigmentation treatment (to an acceptable level of realism) in just one session is full of s**t.”

Weston has been performing his one-time, permanent scalp pigmentations since 2009 successfully.  Only someone like Weston with almost 40 years experience and that kind of patience can apply a scalp pigmentation application in one session and make it permanent. And Weston does not care about “making a killing,” but only to offer the best scalp pigmentation available and the most cost-effective for clients. Weston’s proven track record since 2009 speaks for itself.

IMPORTANT:  The time frame for the “numerous session” procedures as above are only a few hours each (averaging about 3 hours each) spread out over many weeks. This also permits them to keep a large volume of customers by scheduling several men per day.  Weston’s single appointment, one-time only ACHM2.5 application is from 3 to as long as 6 hours.   Weston is able to complete in one day what “session” companies must do over 6 weeks because of numerous lesser experienced techs working on you.  

While “numerous session” scalp pigmentations may be for some men, they are not for everyone.  If you are on a budget, they allow you to pay for each “session” separately.  So you have 4 to 6 weeks to pay for your application.  However, if you don’t have the budget, you are forever left with an unfinished scalp pigmentation.  If you are a man who is considering one of the “numerous session” scalp pigmentation methods, this is an important page for you to read.  Many of these providers claim their treatments are “permanent,”  but they are temporary, lasting only three to five years.  The ACHM2® and ACHM2.5 are in fact permanent, lasting 20 years or more.  Artistry Concepts does not believe clients should be used as residual income, having to pay for reapplications every few years, the expenses involved of travel and taking time off work.

Even after their scalp pigmentation, many men wish to continue use of Minoxidil. However, these plant-based temporary pigments are affected by alcohol in Minoxidil and will contribute further to pre-mature fading.

Considering one of the “numerous sessions” scalp pigmentations?

Faded SMP from HIS Hair ClinicYou may read an updated blog article HERE.  The numerous session procedures require that your application be done in two to five sessions over a period of many weeks. There is an initial quote, then any needed sessions past the first two are charged at $800 – $1000 per additional per session.  Keep this cost in mind when researching pricing.  If the technician is inexperienced and you are required to have additional sessions, the cost per additional session falls on you.  This may very well be an unanticipated cost until you proceed through your “sessions.”  Returning for numerous sessions multiple times for completion drives up the cost of the application, bearing travel and lodging expenses each time.  Until your final “treatment” is completed 4 to 6 weeks later, you are temporarily left with an unfinished scalp pigmentation.

The time frame for the “numerous session” applications are only a few hours each (averaging about 3 hours each) spread out over many weeks. This also permits them to steadily keep a large volume of customers by scheduling several men per day. Weston gives his full attention to completing one client at a time, not working on several men during any one day.  Working on more than one man per day also opens up sterilization issues by accommodating more than one client.

 The aftercare for these “session” treatments require you to NOT WASH or touch your scalp for a minimum of 3 days after each session.  Not very hygienic, but then you are permitted to wash with water only on the fourth day.  And remember, this routine is for at least two to four separate sessions for many weeks.  This is because you are in danger of “washing away” the pigments.  These pigments are plant-based and this is also why the numerous session pigments fade so very quickly and need to be reapplied after several years.  In addition, these numerous sessions create a shaded look, not an individual pointillism application such as Weston’s ACHM2® and ACHM2.5.

There can also be a drawback to these numerous session applications.  While they indicate they are permanent, typically they need to be reapplied every few years.  Every time a scalp is tattooed, a tint of color remains that does not entirely diminish.  This then becomes compounded with each application.There is also another major concern with constant reapplications. Each application of the needle is scarring the scalp and when you keep scarring the skin, soon it will not retain the pigment at all, or remain in patches.


achm25folliclepoints (2)_wm

Weston’s “One and Done” ACHM2.5®


First “treatment” out of 2-4 required.

Photo Right: Please compare these photos.   These numerous session applications require 2 to 5 initial “treatments.” The photo to the left is immediately after the first treatment; notice the size and spacing of the points. Additional “treatments” will only make the scalp appear more solid and shaded with no skin tone showing through like a normal, healthy scalp should.

Photo Left: This is Weston’s ACHM2.5® immediately after as applied on an Alopecia client. Weston is able to reproduce near follicle-size points and density with only one application in one appointment. Also compare Weston’s needle point size very closely to the other application. Unlike the other scalp pigmentation applications, Weston’s application has very little irritation because of the small needle size. Your ACHM2® and ACHM2.5® application is finished in one day, with no expenses for return treatments.  You are also able to shampoo your scalp that very night, and continue to shampoo twice per day for a week.  These are permanent pigments with no danger of washing away.  In addition, your ACHM2® and ACHM2.5® is healed over in only a few days and the pigment is fully “cured” in as little as two weeks. In most cases, the ACHM2® and ACHM2.5 application cannot be detected after a few days pr week..

The ACHM2® and ACHM2.5® were developed as a one time, one appointment only and are permanent for 20 years or more.

“Numerous Session” scalp pigmentations also require you to blade shave your head

These methods require that you blade shave your head for the treatments, and to maintain your remaining natural hair blade shaven.  There is no consideration made for the amount of natural hair you have left. Your head is then colored exclusively with a gray shade to mimic the look of a blade shaven head. You may also be required to have your entire scalp pigmented at additional cost.

Another very important factor to consider with some applications require blade shaving. With a man that has not had any pigmentation procedure done, routine blade shaving changes nothing in the way the scalp looks, with the exception that layers of normally shedding skin are removed with each blading. But when pigment is applied under the skin, the outcome of regularly blading your scalp will not only result in removing skin, but eventually the pigment. Because these types of temporary applications are designed to fade, the application of the pigment is applied too shallow. By continuing removing skin you are also removing your application and shortening it’s expected life. Those four to five years that your provider promised you may actually turn into one or two years. Other variables also need to be considered, such as the overall health of the scalp, skin texture and how often blading is required.  Men who have hair transplants should never blade shave, as areas of HT scarring can also be removed.

The ACHM2® and ACHM2.5 were developed to blend with your remaining natural hair and designed for you to buzz only every few days or as needed. No constant scalp irritation from blading!

The uniform-looking gray scalp

Because the numerous session methods require you to blade shave, the color that is applied to your scalp is always a gray shade.  Your natural growth hair color and other facial hair is not matched. In most cases, your natural hair color is the same as your eyebrows. If you are a young man, why would you have a gray scalp with black, brown, red or some other color eyebrows? This just is not natural looking.

The ACHM2® and ACHM2.5 allow you to exhibit your own naturally remaining hair. Weston takes the time to match and mix exactly each client’s natural hair color. The ACHM2® is applied to your problem areas only and naturally and gradually blended down into your remaining hair. It is rare that you would be required to have your entire scalp pigmented. The only exception would be Alopecia clients or those who have extensive scarring from hair transplants. The ACHM2® and ACHM2.5 only require you to buzz your remaining hair every few days or as needed to maintain a blend with your own exclusive color that is matched with Weston’s SMART Pigments. You remain an individual with your own hair color and not a clone of everyone else’s gray scalp.

The ACHM2® and ACHM2.5 were developed to take advantage of your naturally remaining hair. Your own color is custom matched and the “new” follicles are blended into your remaining buzzed hair.

Still having to cope excessive shine

We receive many calls each week regarding scalp shine. These men have already received the “session” scalp pigmentation elsewhere, but ask us our opinion about what their problem may be. The advice to them from their pigmentation provider was to use an anti-shine topical treatment. One man even advised us that he was told to use Milk of Magnesia on his scalp. Some scalps can have over-active sebaceous glands, but we have only had one man who developed shine in all our years applying the ACHM2® and ACHM2®. When you chose to have scalp pigmentation performed, you are doing so because you are tired of dealing with your scalp. To continue messy maintenance should definitely not be on your agenda.

Natural hair that has been buzzed (not blade shaven) to mimic shaven scalps does not shine. By using pigments that contain gloss additives, your pigmented blade shaven scalp will most likely shine. Therefore, because some other methods require you blade shave your head for upkeep, you may develop constant shine because there is no natural hair remaining to assist in camouflaging your scalp. In addition, some types of pigments contain gloss enhancing ingredients which contribute additional shine to the scalp. SMART Pigments contain anti-shine agents and were developed to produce a matte finish to combat shine, even on excessive oily scalps.

Weston’s SMART Pigments are completely organic and were developed with anti-shine agents for a matte curing finish.


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