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Provider Worksheet

With so many new scalp micropigmentation companies arriving on the scene each day, not only can it become overwhelming when trying to research providers, it is difficult to remember what each and every company either tells you or claims. Ensuring a quality end scalp pigmentation procedure can be confusing and difficult.

We receive an alarming amount of inquiries for corrective scalp micropigmentation procedures and Artistry Concepts is working very hard on a national advocacy agenda to assure that all scalp pigmentation candidates are educated in this field.  To further assist you in making the best decision that you are comfortable with, please see the page How to Choose a Provider for the steps that you should take to research a company’s claims and specific questions to ask them.  Their answers (or lack of) will assist your decision-making process.

To assist you in interviewing and keeping track of the particular providers’ answers or claims, you may download this convenient worksheet here to assist you in choosing your scalp pigmentation provider. This worksheet has the important key questions to ask. Simply click on worksheet and wait for the printable PDF to load.

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