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A. D. March 2015

adafter1_wm_wmFirst, I want to tell anyone out there thinking about getting SMP done…Mark Weston is the man…why? Because I got my procedures done twice by two different companies, one based in Rochester, New York with a franchise in Atlanta and the other one from Atlanta which it was a hair restoration place that performs SMP.  The first company goes by the name of Scalp Aesthetics.  SA was the company that performed my first SMP procedure which actually looked good for the first 8 days, then they also told me I had to buy their after care products to use with my SMP.  By the 9th day, my SMP just completely faded away to the point where there was no SMP on my head.  I almost gave up on SMP but then I tried the second company that goes by the name of Evolve Hair Clinic. These guys said they had to  do some correction from my first SA procedure so they charged me extra money, but when Evolve Hair Clinic finished with my procedure, it looked like they just did a retouch on  what the first company SA did to me.  But after 10 days, it faded the same way as the first one.  To make my story short, I did a little more research about SMP pigment that really lasts and that’s when I saw Artistry Concepts’ ACHM2.5.  What really convinced me about these people it was that their website answered all my doubt and questions so I went  ahead and gave it a  try.  These people did the ACHM2.5 on my head and I look 10 years younger and it hasn’t faded away and in over three months.

Oh and if you did not know me, you would not even know that I had the ACHM2.5 SMP done on my head.  What threw me off is that my SMP procedure from Evolve looked like they just put permanent makeup on top of my skin.  But Mark and Artistry Concepts, it looks like little micro hair follicles.  That is one of the reasons I’m so happy with Mark’s job on me.  Thank you for helping people boost their confidence.

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